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1. My Custom Events:

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f. My Custom Events reserves the right to change/update these terms at any time.

2. Attendees/Users:

a. Attendees will not engage in abuse or harassment of any member of My Custom Events community. Negative conduct is subject to immediate account termination. Attendees may submit appeals through My Custom Events' contact methods.

b. My Custom Events does not allow Contributors to upload images that may be adult in nature. Please report explicit or pornographic images through My Custom Events' contact methods.

c. All payments on this website are conducted through Stripe and subject to their terms and conditions as well as consumer protections.

e. Ticket purchases payed to Events may be subject to refund based upon the event owner's policies. Please note that Stripe's processing fee and My Custom Events' service fee are non-refundable.

3. Event Promoters and Sponsors:

a. My Custom Events will not host events that include nudity, pornography, illegal activity, or any event hosted by a group who participates in the exclusion of or call to violence against others based on race, ethnicity, gender, political affiliation, etc. My Custom Events only asks that all of our users be good humans to each other, and events who violate that will be removed without refund.

b. All ad and sponsor content will be stored on My Custom Events' server to avoid broken links or content changes.

c. My Custom Events does not allow profanity or sexually explicit imagery.

d. All ad and sponsor images are subject to approval and may be withdrawn at any time My Custom Events wishes to terminate relationships.

e. All sales are final.