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What do I need to know about In-person Ticketing?
1. Easy-to-use Dashboard for customizable landing page, ticket creation, and user assignment
2. Unique QR Code tickets with categories for easy lookup and verification
3. App-free ticket checking from any device with a camera and Internet access
4. Stripe Payment Processing Fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction, and you keep the rest (nr)
6. Funds are paid at the end of the event or week to ensure refunds can be easily processed if needed
7. You will never receive a bill from MCE. No hidden fees.

nr = these fees are non-refundable
Who is the best online event host?
MyCustom.Events offers everything you can't find at other online solutions. We offer your own web space with livestreaming and storefronts for all of your participants. Our ticketing and coupon system allows you to configure general admission, booths, VIP bundles, and panel access for your audience. You also get access to real-time financials and immediate payouts once your event has ended.
How do I become an online event promoter?
MyCustom.Events has made it easy enough for anyone to get started in the online event promotion industry for as little as $500. We give you all the tools you need to succeed, from your own website to marketing plans. Think about that. If you can market to 100 people for $5 per ticket, you can recoup your expenses and do it again with 200 people. Nowhere else can give you that kind of return.
What types of online events can I promote?
MyCustom.Events has worked hard to ensure that no matter what type of event you want to throw, we can help. We're not just for Pop Culture Conventions or Art Shows. Some ideas include Concerts, Marketing Expos, Comedy Clubs, Training Seminars, Trade Shows, Pet Competitions, Rap Battles, Beauty Pageants, Virtual Plays, Book Releases, Film Festivals, School Open Houses, and more. The sky is the limit!
Where can I find online event packages?
MyCustom.Events does not believe in packages. We offer everything a la carte so you will never have features you don't need. You custom tailor your event to fit your budget and size. If you want to host a solo event, we've got you covered. If you want to host an event with 7 artists, 8 vendors, and 16 performers, we've got you covered there too. You can even add on as you get the word out about your event and people want to join the fun.
Do I need my own website or techs to have a online event?
All you need is MyCustom.Events. Our system is easy to learn and you will have access to all the support you need to be successful. Our tech support is second to none and offers patient guidance for you and your participants. You are in good hands.
How do I get paid from my online event?
MyCustom.Events uses Stripe for all payment processing because of it's unique features that allow us to split out payments to any number of accounts without every split getting charged a separate fee like PayPal does. Please make sure to go to to set up and verify your account before setting up your event.
How do I get people to come to my online event?
MyCustom.Events works with a professional marketing team who can help with everything from social media posts to widely distributed press releases for your event. We recommend giving yourself at least a month of pure event promotion after you have everything set up to give you the best opportunity to succeed. Of course, allowing more time for marketing is better.
How many attendees can come to my online event?
MyCustom.Events is currently limited to 2,000 attendees per online event. This means that you can potentially throw a show for $500, charge $5 per ticket, and see a return of $10,000! While that is great, we here at MyCustom.Events are working tirelessly to further expand our system to allow you to accommodate even more attendees. Our next upgrade, coming mid-2021, will see that number climb to 30,000 attendees. If you can max that out with the same $5 tickets, you could walk away with $150,000 off a minimal investment. We will always work to empower promoters to be as successful and profitable as possible.
Does My Custom Events only offer online events?
MyCustom.Events offers solutions for online, in-person, and hybrid events. Hosting local events is great for community involvement, but what if you could add an inexpensive online solution to make the world your community? We have hosted events with attendees from all around the globe who would normally not be able to share in your community.

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